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EHR x ESVR Giant's Despair Hillclimb

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Sunday July, 8th 2018

Map of Giant's Despair HillCclimb Course

When we aren't attending one of our own track day events EHR loves to support other teams and disciplines in motorsport. This past weekend we drove out to Laurel Run, Pennsylvania. Cars take on the 1 mile climb hoping to end up with the quickest time of the day.

We were invited by our friends at Entropy Racing to check out what Hill Climb is all about. Entropy Racing has a 100% electric race car which made them an interesting and very quiet component. As cars rumbled their way to the starting line they whizzed by silently.

To learn more about their team and car check them out here:

We spent the day watching cars chase their way up the hill for the fastest times. We also met some great people; including Butch King and his Chevy and a fellow GTI driver named Bryan Dion who set both a new course and personal record that day!

Check out more pictures from our event and watch our Vlog below that gives you the play by play of our day!


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