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IABED Industries: Performance through Design

Why do most of us love our German builds? We can count on the quality; it seems as if people are always counting them out. Issam Abed, the owner of Iabed Industries, expanded his expertise into German vehicles to help break the stigma that parts had to be too expensive or that they’re cars only for an older generation.

If you’re looking for aftermarket and OEM components designed specifically for German vehicles, then iABED Industries may be the solution for you. Based out of Ottawa, Canada, Iabed Industries “engineers aftermarket and OEM components for high-end German vehicles, including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, and Porsche. They also design, develop and manufacture their components in-house.

In 2013 Issam made the switch from offering parts from 3rd party machine shops to large large-scale manufacturing. He was able to begin making his products in-house. Issam was also able to provide quality products without relying on the unreliability of 3rd party machine shops and schedules that he wasn’t able to control.

Over the years, Issam has built a variety of engine and engine combinations. For example, a 20v G60, an all-aluminum 1.8T, or a VR6 engine in a longitudinal chassis. At the iABED Industries shop, they have the ability to use the latest Solidworks2021 CAD software. With this software, they can also convert into CAM and run the part on their in-house 3 Axis Mori Seiki CNC machine. The Iabed team is currently working on billet oil filter housings for the VR6 engine.

If you have taken your GTI on the track, you know that there can be some oil cooling issues. Easthood Racing is proud to partner with iABED Industries for the 2021 season to help improve our on-track performance. We've upgraded to a baffled oil pan and oil cooler. The baffled oil pan is made from aluminum which gives it increased resistance to corrosion. This oil pan will meet the needs of a daily driver or track racers. The complete baffle system prevents oil from sliding up the walls of the crankcase while performing hard cornering.

Our driver Brian Smith will also be running the Gen3 TSI Oil Cooler Adapter Plate Kit. To combat oil temps that may rise considerably when tracking your VW or Audi, iABED's basic solution allows the user to remove the OEM heat exchanger and run an adapter plate to allow the use of external air-cooled oil control products. We're looking forward to sharing with you how well iABED Industries' products hold up and improve driving conditions.

If you have a project that you are interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out to Issam and the iABED Industries team at

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