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Test Day at New York Safety Track

May 11, 2018

We started off our race season this year with a test day at New York Safety Track (NYST). We used this day to test out our new set up configurations and go over last minute logistics before launching our trips to Canada for CSCS.


With everything loaded into the GTI we started our 2 hour trip to Jefferson, New York. We arrived with enough time to get unloaded and get wheels swapped before our first session.

It had been over a year since our last visit so we took the first few sessions as an opportunity to warm up the car and familiarize ourselves with the track.

(Check out some of warm up footage below)

After a full day of lapping sessions we were able to take away a few things.

1. We put down great times and we still have a lot more available power!

2. Our BMSPEC wing's ability to adjust on the fly helped us gain even more knowledge on how the car will perform in different conditions.

3. Our new ECU components have also proven to work well with some new modifications under the hood!

To make the day even better, we set a track record!

You can find more shots in our media tab!

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