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Sponsor Spotlight: Sabelt

Sending it in style

#44 Preparing to hit the track

One of our favorite things is cultivating growth in the motorsports community and building lasting relationships with our fans and our sponsors.

Safety is an essential facet of the motorsports world, and it is not always easy to find information on quality pieces. Therefore this month, we are excited to shout out our safety gear sponsor, Sabelt.

One of the first pieces of equipment you may look for after purchasing your helmet will be your gloves. Our driver Brian Smith says, "When I think about racing gloves, they are one of the most important tools a driver can have. Your connection through the wheel is everything when competing". It is a worthy investment to look into quality race gear to improve safety and comfort while driving. Having quality gloves designed for racing allows you to have a firm grip on the wheel regardless of conditions and provide a more comfortable drive.

Sabelt is most known for its variety of high-quality harnesses, seats, steering wheels, racewear, and custom suits. On their website, you can find check out some of these products yourself. Our relationship with Sabelt started in September of 2018, and today we've been able to collaborate on gear that we'd like to share with the world. One of the things that we are most excited about is our TG-9 gloves.

Custom TG-9 Sabelt Gloves

Smith says, "The design/styling is just amazing, the attention to detail with the graphics is awesome, and I love how they incorporated our colors into this unit to make it truly bespoke. FIA rated as well, so they've packed all this detail into an incredibly lightweight glove that looks outstanding and made it safe for racing everywhere. It's incredible".

Building Relationships

In September of 2018, our driver Brian Smith had the opportunity to be featured on Hoonigan's Most Wanted Challenge. It was a chance to fly out to California and drive a rear-wheel-drive car for the first time in the most unconventional manner.

The face of a driver wearing Sabelt TG-9 Gloves

In the clip we've shared below, you may have noticed the undeniable fashionable yellow gloves. These are the

Hero TG-9. Regarding the gloves, Smith says, "I find the car more comfortable to drive wearing them than just bare hands now. The amount of control I have is much greater than just my bare hands or a set of mechanic gloves. The TG-9's construction allows me to fully connect with the wheel and the tires on the ground without losing tactile feel". The minute Brian left the Hoonigan show, these became his official driver's gloves.

In December of 2019, at the PRI Convention in Indianapolis, we were lucky enough to meet up with the Sabelt America team. We saw previews of exciting new colorways and custom suit items and knew that that was something that we wanted to be apart of.

The Final Product

So if you are new to motorsports, attending your first HPDE events, time attack events, or a seasoned driver, we'd recommend Sabelt safety gear. We wouldn't share things with you that we weren't proud of, invested in, and tested by us.

In our car we have the:

  • 3" Sabelt Shoulder Pads

  • Hero TB-9 Boots

  • Sabelt Tow Hook (Red & Yellow)

  • Custom Hero-TG-9 Gloves

There is so much more that Sabelt offers, and we can't wait to apply more to our car as our build continues.

Click on a picture below to find more information about the products that we use on our GTI.

If you're interested in getting Sabelt gear of your own leave a comment below, or send us a message. We'd be glad to help!


Please take a look at some of Brian's highlights (as some may call it) below.

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