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Sponsor Spotlight: MeLe Design

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

This season we are excited to have the opportunity to team up with Mitch from MeLe Design. MeLe Design is a company based out of the Pacific Northwest. MeLe provides direct fit mounting solutions for a variety of vehicles. According to MeLe, "We use all locally sourced 5052 aluminum due to its strength and ability to be shaped without fracturing (" Both our EHR GTI and EHR Golf R will be using this customized direct fit MeLe Design battery mount.

The mount itself will aide in increasing the safety of the entire vehicle by ensuring the stability of the battery inside the engine bay. If you haven't noticed, MeLe Design has provided custom engraving and our Easthood Racing logo! The top of the mount also features our EHR Owl. MeLe Design offers custom engraving and powder coating their battery mounts so you can make this thing a centerpiece in your vehicle.

MeLe also helped us out with a lightweight battery solution. So not only do we have an eye-catching, quality piece of craftsmanship under our hoods, we're getting the biggest bang for our buck by mounting in an XS Power S680 Battery. This battery is lightweight, coming in at 13 lbs. The lightweight battery and mount are going to be incredible assets in minimizing the weight of our vehicles, helping us maximize the performance of our cars.

For more information about MeLe check out their information below.

  • Website:

  • Instagram: @meledesignfirm

  • Facebook: Mele Design Firm

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