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Sponsor Spotlight: Splulen Engineering

We were lucky to join forces with Spulen with the help of our friends from USP Motorsports. Spulen engineers and manufactures high-quality performance parts for a wide variety of European vehicles including Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. All Spulen products are distributed by USP Motorsports.

The high-quality performance parts from Spulen have made a huge impact on our track performance. We have the following products in our MK7 GTI:

  • Spulen Pendulum Torque Mount

  • Spulen 6-Speed Clutch High-Flow Bleeder Block

  • High Flow Spluen Turbo Inlet Pipe

  • V2 Spulen Billet Spherical Catch Can Kit

If you are interested in tracking your car for a time attack event, or any other HPDE event we would recommend starting off with the Spulen 6 Speed Clutch High-Flow Bleeder Block and the Billet Spherical Catch Can Kit. ⁠For all of the manual drivers out there, the bleeder block makes bleeding your clutch easier and allows you to get the fluid and air out without worrying about air re-entering the line. ⁠While the Spulen catch can system replaces the OEM PCV plate with a custom billet option that works to divert any extra oil flow directly into the can and the vapor back into the inlet system. This allows smooth power delivery no matter the corner. ⁠

To learn more about the Spulen products in our car, check out the video below!

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