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May 28th

Mosport DDT Round 1-27.jpg






1:42:926 Fastest Lap



1:43:625 Fastest Lap


Points finish for the Team on a scorching afternoon in Canada.


  • Brian Smith finished 6th in the final under difficult conditions.

  • The heat proved to be a tough opponent as the team battled a coolant leak early and a rapid increase in track temperature.

  • During the final was able to avoid a collision with another competitor who had an incident on track but could not put in a competitive lap time after recovering.

  • The team was able to run during each session and gather valuable data leading into round 2.

  • The debut of the Apex Race parts VS-5RS forged race wheels to great success. 17x9 setup at 16.5 lbs each has proven to be an agile base to set the car around.

  • With a solid understanding of the vehicle's performance, the team looks forward to round 2 at Toronto Motorsports Park.

Brian Frozone, Driver


I’m not super happy with today’s result, but I’m not upset by it either. We entered this weekend with a car straight out of the garage with only a few laps to practice. Coming into the weekend, I didn’t know where we would stand. To qualify for the final is huge, and I want to say thank you to everyone back at A&K Eurowerx, Dan & Lucas of Audi Cicero, Layne & Myndi, and Dr. Dub for their help in getting the car ready for the race weekend. It's been so much work to bring the upgrades to the car. We managed to keep it in one piece today and bought the car home.

It's difficult to know here in Mosport how the upgrades were performing. The circuit has lots of undulation, and its constant evolution makes it hard to pinpoint an exact setup that will work for all tracks. TMP (Toronto) is the track we have the most experience with, so it is possibly the best we could ask for in order to learn more about the car this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how the car reacts and to having a familiar paddock full of friends and family to work with.


The new VS-5RS wheels felt great on the car. We saved quite a bit of weight, switching to 17s this year. 17x9 at 16.5 lbs felt great on the circuit. The car was nimble but had enough of a contact patch to put down the power.


Speaking of power, the new Turbo from Turbo Parts Canada felt amazing. Incredible the amount of power the car can put down throughout the RPM range. We have work to do this month to maximize the Stratified Auto tune, but we feel confident we can get that taken care of once we return to the shop at A&K Eurowerx.

Kionna Morrison, Operations/Media


The race weekend was a success overall. It was great catching up with our friends we haven't seen since Pre-Covid. My focus for the first event was getting out there and putting all the pieces together from pre-season. That way, we can quickly fine-tune and adjust for the rest of the season. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we're also here to have fun!


From an operations standpoint, my goal is to have the following questions answered before round 2:

  1. What changes need to be made to our packing spreadsheets?

  2. How can we fine-tune our data acquisition in between sessions?

These questions arise because we are transitioning from 2-3 day Gridlife events to only 1-2 days of racing. With fewer days, you may assume that we would be driving less; instead, it's quite the opposite. We have one day and 4-5 sessions to set qualifying laps and finetune our setup for the finals. Therefore, the more we can use our data to prep for our next event at potentially the same track, the better.


Seeing the new builds and how the other cars have progressed since our last season in Canada was exciting and a reminder that everyone is bringing their best to each event. Even in such a competitive environment, the community is still unmatched. Seeing drivers give out tips about the track, share tools, and even take time out of their day to work on someone else's car in the paddock highlights why I enjoy the Time Attack/Motorsports community.

Brian Smith, Team Principal & CEO

This was a solid result as a team, and it would have been easy to make mistakes and damage the car over pursuing lap times. The team worked well with efficient communication and positive support throughout the weekend. Kionna did a wonderful job keeping the team on schedule and capturing media throughout the event. Without her wonderful attention to detail, we wouldn’t have had such accurate informationThis was a solid result as a team.


I also want to give credit to our Chief Mechanic, Layne Benjamin. Layne has been well missed by the team in recent years. Layne returned with us for the ‘23 season and started up right where he left off. Delivering exquisite expertise and speed for all pit tasks. His energy and incredible skill set were instrumental in our successful start to the season.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Dwayne and his crew at CSCS for welcoming us back with open arms and assisting us with getting up to speed on the changes to CSCS this year. They did a great job running the event, and we look forward to competing for the rest of the year.

Onwards to round 2!

Comments (2)

Jun 28, 2023

Lets goooooooo! It was great seeing you guys back in Canada!


Jun 27, 2023

Woo hooo

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